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FabFitFun Box: New Theme Every Month

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box. Each box includes 4-5 products plus a workout calendar. There's a new theme every month and you'll get a total of 5-7 items in each box.
The best part about FabFitFun is that the company donates to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Jann Elipsy Honest Review

FabFitFun is a great subscription box for women (and men!) who are looking for fitness, health, and weight loss products. I have been subscribed to this box for over a year now, and I am always impressed with the variety of products I receive. You can check out my past reviews here!
FabFitFun sends out a new spoiler every month, so that you can know what kind of products you can expect. The products they send out are full-sized, and have a value that ranges from $50-$200. The box itself costs $39.99/month + $6.99 shipping. The products are always from a variety of different companies, and they include things like supplements, beauty products, and healthy snacks.
Here is a picture of everything that I received in my box:

As always, I will give a quick review of each item:
  1. Tory Sport Roxy Earbuds – These earbuds are great to throw in your bag for when you are on the go. They are perfect for listening to music or watching a movie on your phone!
  2. Ora Wellness Healthy Gum – I love receiving gum in subscription boxes/
  3. Triple Defense Face Moisturizer, .5 oz ($12.95) – I love that this product is natural and works immediately. It’s a great product for both morning and night.
  4. H+E Balm, .7 oz ($29.00) – This balm is made with certified organic ingredients. It smells great and is very nourishing

FabFitFun Box - More than you expect

Each month Fab Fit Fun Box sends different 4-5 full size products to try and enjoy. These are typically beauty, fashion, health, and fitness related. All of the products are of high quality and can be used by anyone, not just women or moms.

The price of the box is $39.99 a month, which includes free shipping. The products are usually worth more than the cost of the box. It’s a great way to sample products and try new things. There are no commitments, so you can cancel at anytime. FitFabFun Box always has a value of at least $100. This month’s box has a value of $139.97!

Even the worst FabFitFun Box is better than regular cosmetics collection from Sephora. Some of you might not agree with me, but I’m saying that from my own experience. I have tried pretty much all subscription boxes: Sephora Play, Birchbox, Ipsy, etc.

FabFitFun Promo Codes

With FabFitFun coupons and promo codes from The Coupon Scoop, you can get healthy snacks for a fraction of the cost. FabFitFun is a monthly subscription box that sends you full-sized health and beauty products every month.

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Popular Questions About FabFitFun:

1. When will my box ship?

The first box is scheduled to ship by the end of next month.

2. Is it a trial box?

No. All boxes are billed at the time of purchase.

3. How do I cancel?

You can cancel by emailing Customer Support at [email protected]

4. What if I want to cancel after my box ships?

Cancellations will not be granted once a box has shipped.

5. What if I don't want all the products?

One thing I love about the subscription box world is that you can skip any products that you don't like. FabFitFun will replace the products you want to skip with a comparable value item.
I love the variety of products that I saw in the box. I'm excited to try them all out. I will definitely use the cute carrying bag for my camera when we go on vacation next month.
Be sure to visit the FabFitFunwebsite to learn more about the subscription box and get a bonus coupon. If you subscribe to a different box, be sure to check out my reviews of other great
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